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21 in. 252 cc Commercial Single-Stage Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower - $509.25

21 in. 252 cc Commercial Single-Stage Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower - $509.25

. 2 min read

Power Clear 821 R-C 21 in. 252 cc Commercial Single-Stage Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower
Toro | Model # 38755

We are selling this item for $509.25.  This item retails at your local retail store for $679.00.

Please note that stock levels and condition grades may vary on this  item.  While we will do our best to remove this post as soon as this  item sells out, we highly suggest you visit our store to view all of our  current inventory and deals.  Thanks for your understanding and  business!

Big snow chores are never fun, but with the Toro Power Clear 821 R-C  makes quick work of winter's wrath. You'll slice through the snow with  Toro's powerful 252cc 4-cycle OHV engine and your muscles will thank you  for the ergonomic and enhanced handle and expanded life paddles. Stay  on the move without constant stops and starts with Toro's Power Propel  technology.

- Plow like the pros; make your job easier than ever with  commercial-grade ergonomic and enhanced handle and extended life paddles
- Power to blast through deep snow - Toro's powerful 252cc 4-cycle OHV  engines give you the power to slice through snow faster and throw it up  to 40 ft.
- Put snow where you want it, with a touch of the hand, our locking  deflector lets you aim exactly where you want to throw the snow from the  chute, getting it done faster was never so easy
- Tested and trusted, choose with confidence, knowing millions of people worldwide count on Toro snow blowers
- Shreds snow fast; efficiently shreds through snow while reducing  clogging with the curved paddles and funneled housing of the Power Curve  Technology
- Right fit for you, ideal for medium-sized driveways that can hold up to 4-9 parked cars and 2 in. to 9 in. of snow
- †Based on average Traqline unit share for snow blower market from 2013 – March 2019
- For best starting results use non-ethanol fuel with an octane rating  of 87 or higher, use fresh fuel less than 30-days old, add fuel  stabilizer to reduce starting problems, do not mix oil with gas
- Get a move on; keep moving to get the job done faster with the Power  Propel, our unique scraper keeps the paddle in constant contact with the  ground, pulling you through the snow, get ready to move it
- More Room for What Matters, The Power Clear’s sleek, compact design  means you can easily store it for quick use and have plenty of room for  the stuff that really matters
- Starts in 1 or 2 pulls

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