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7 TheiaPro App Enabled EyeGlasses Camera(Black)


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UPC 8908003638492
Brand TheiaPro
Model ICETheiaPRO

*Orders under $75 ship for $5, orders over $75 ship for free (US only)!

Product Details

Product Description The Theia PRO is a beautifully crafted DIY cross-over of an ultra-portable full HD recording device with your wearable glasses/glares that also come with an amazing concept of replaceable temple, letting you convert almost all of your glass/glares into a portable recording device. Not only is it Convenient, Simple and Fun, it's also the safest way around to record all those special moments without compromising on your safety by not keeping your hands pre-occupied with a hand-held recording device. Welcome to the Theia PRO life. From the Manufacturer Inter-changeable Temple Design The Theia PRO can replace the temple of your daily eye-wear and help you record videos and capture images without the need of an external camera/handy-cam. Its as simple as looking at something and letting your Theia PRO capture it for you. Real-time Video on App The Theia PRO comes with its own Wi-Fi, letting you stream the content that is being recorded on your Theia PRO on the dedicated app in real time, making it way more than just an ordinary recording device. Portable Full HD Camera Use your Theia PRO as an external Full HD camera by simply placing it on a steady solid surface, recording your videos with just the push of a single button. P.O.V Videos & Photos The Theia PRO brings the interesting Point-of-View concept in to the world of wearable accessory, letting you record videos and capture images as and how you see them in real time. Hands-free Recording Now never miss out on capturing also those amazing moments which you have shared with your loved ones just because your hands were too caught up with something important! Simple Transfer & Backup The Theia PRO connects to your laptop/PC via a micro USB cable , enabling you to transfer and backup your recorded Camera data with just a few drag and drops. Its simple, convenient and re-assuring, making sure you don't lose your videos and images. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Simple. Safe. Fun. How did you come up with the idea for this product? It was high time we needed a product that worked not only as an amazing daily eye-wear but also as equally amazing 'hands-free' recording device that felt more like a part of yourself than an unnecessary appendage. With increasing number of accidents involving hand-held cameras and smartphones every passing year, we needed a product that empowered you to capture images or record videos by demanding the least of your attention - be it physical or mental. With the vision to fuse a practical solution with a design that that was not restricted to a single eye-wear, we conceived the Theia PRO. What makes your product special? Not only does the Theia PRO make your every day life more convenient and fun, but it also makes it safe - something we highly compromise on in this era of technology. This is one of those rare products which demands the least of your attention while letting you record everything hands-free. What more? Recording with the Theia PRO is as simple as looking at something instead of you having to manoeuvre the recording device point to point! What has been the best part of your startup experience? It has to be the smiles you come across when people using this product realize how much of a necessity it actually is and the disbelief as to how we had been putting up without something this beautiful and amazing for so long. The Theia PRO is the first step to revolutionizing the way we use cameras in our daily life and we are sure the future holds many more amazing iterations of this great piece of technology.

- TheiaPro is equipped with a state of the art HD Camera. No more pulling out a device, opening app and focusing on camera to capture an image. Just look and capture with a press of a button.
- Comes with a built-in flashlight, letting you make the most of your travel expeditions. Be it hiking or just a backyard night-out you can now focus on it, and not worry about searching flashlight or your smartphone app
- Theia Pro comes with 3 MP Camera, 1080p FULL HD Video Recording, Wi-Fi Remote Control (10m), Expandable Memory (up to 32 GB)
- Ergonomic Design and easy DIY installation with your existing glasses or shades

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